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Quinn White

Hennessy Cognac Vs 750ml

Hennessy Cognac Vs 750ml

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First distilled in 1865, Hennessy Very Special (V.S.) is the most popular cognac in the world. This three-star concoction comes from Hennessy's finest young eau de vie, which is a brandy whose name literally translates to water of life. Oddly enough, it won't bring you everlasting life, but you will think you've died and gone to cognac heaven. Aged in oak barrels for four years, Hennessy V.S. brings complex flavors such as apple, citrus, fresh grape, French oak and grilled almonds to your glass. What sounds like a delicious summer salad is quite nice in cognac form, and it's the perfect drink for conversation or sitting out on a patio and enjoying life. It's a true showing of the expertise and ingenuity of the world's finest cognac producer. If you're a cognac purest, there's no better way to drink Hennessy than neat, on the rocks or with just a sprinkle of water. This lets the flavors come out in full force, and the taste is like a roundhouse kick to your taste buds. Cocktail drinkers will also enjoy the complex flavors in drinks like the Big Apple. Inspired by legendary hip-hop artist Nas, the Big Apple contains Hennessy V.S., apple brandy, herbal liqueur, agave nectar, lime juice and bitters. Once you've had one of these, you'll be spinning freestyle rhymes in no time.

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