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Quinn White

Iron Horse Air Compressor 13 Horsepower Honda Engine 30 Gallon

Iron Horse Air Compressor 13 Horsepower Honda Engine 30 Gallon

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  • Iron Horse Air Compressor
  • 13 Horse Power Honda Engine Electric Start
  • 30 Gallon
    • Rugged Truck Mounted 2 Stage Unit Produces 22 CFM @ 90 PSI
    • Designed for farm duty, hobbiest, and semi-pro jobs
    • Sturdy and reliable air pressure wherever you need it
    • Dependable 11-HP Honda GX340 Commercial Grade Engine
    • Electric and manual start for ease of operation
    • OHV design for increased efficiency & optimal power transfer
    • Precision engineered components result in lower vibration
    • Rugged 3 Cylinder Cast Iron Pump
    • High efficiency reed valves for maximum performance
    • Built to work hard and last a long time
    • Efficient heat removal from flywheel for cooler running
    • 鈥淰鈥?Style Design
    • Minimizes vibration, improves cooling, extends compressor life
    • Large bore pistons give the ability to run at less RPM
    • Individual & Removable Cylinders
    • Provide smoother & cooler operation
    • Allows for easy maintenance
    • Engine Idle Control
    • Control and regulates the engine idle speed
    • Reduces operating costs & excessive wear
    • Large Air Filters With Automotive Drop-In Style Elements
    • Extend compressor life, easy to maintain
    • 30 Gallon ASME Tank
    • Rated to 200 PSI for safety; heavy duty 3/4鈥?ball valve included
    • Convenient oil drain on front of unit
    • Sturdy metal belt guard protects the belt & the user
    • Easy View Oil Sight Gauge
    • Monitor pump oil level at a glance
    • Simplifies maintenance
    • Auto Idle Yes Engine Brand Honda GX Starting System 12-Volt Key Start w/ Recoil Pump CFM 22 CFM Rated @ 90 PSI Pump Material Solid Cast Iron Max PSI 200 PSI Oil Sight Glass Yes Pump Type Two-Stage After Cooler Yes Pump Drive Belt Drive Oil Type Oil Lubricated Oil System Splash Lubricated Pump Low Oil Shut-off No Tank Size 30 Gallons Tank Outlet 3/4 Inch Electronic Drain Valve No Tank Orientation Horizontal Weight 328 Pounds Certification ASME Consumer Warranty 1 Year Commercial Warranty 1 Year Product Length 44 Inches Product Width 19 Inches Product Height 37 Inches Power Type Gas TMI252500

Item Description Product Code 1 Compressor w/ Flywheel CC3090TS-AC 2 Discharge Tube (2.5ft) ASSY TU-3/4-CU 3 Pressure Gauge PG200-2.5R 4 Outlet Valve BV3/4MF 5 Air Receiver (tank) 30H16X38TRK-G 6 Drain Cock -Assembly 240-B 7 V-Belt A73 8 Belt Guard BG30GAL 9 Engine GX-340UTQAE2-B 10 Unloader NG-38-M-120-150 11 Pulley 鈥?Engine 2MAL37 12 Safety Valve PSV1/4-200 13 Engine Control w/ Cable TCLP-36-3104 鑱? Bushing LX1 Eagle Compressor Oil EAOIL10

Item Name Part Number Quantity 1H Head Bolt (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-01H 4 1L Head Bolt (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-01L 8 2H Head Bolt Lock Washer CC-90-02H 4 2L Head Bolt Lock Washer CC-90-02L 8 3H Cylinder Head (High Pressure Cyl. 鈥?Iron) CC-90-03H 2 3L Cylinder Head (Low Pressure Cyl. 鈥?Aluminum) CC-90-03L 1 4 Air Filter Assembly CC-90-04 2 4A Air Filter Element Auto Type CC-90-04A 4B Air Filter Element Foam Ring CC-90-04B 5 3-Way Connector (Center Head) CC-90-05 1 6 Discharge Elbow (Right and Left Heads) CC-90-06 2 7 Crossover Tube CC-90-07 2 8H Head Gasket (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-08H 1 8L Head Gasket (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-08L 2 9H Valve Plate Screw (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-09H 2 9L Valve Plate Screw (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-09L 4 10 Valve Plate Screw CC-90-10 2 11H Discharge Valve Reed (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-11H 1 11L Discharge Valve Reed (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-11L 2 12H Discharge Lift Limiter (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-12H 1 12L Discharge Lift Limiter (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-12L 2 13H Valve Plate (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-13H 1 13L Valve Plate (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-13L 2 14H Intake Valve Reed (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-14H 1 14L Intake Valve Reed (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-14L 2 15H Intake Lift Limiter (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-15H 1 15L Intake Lift Limiter (Low Pressure Cyl) CC-90-15L 2 16H Intake Reed Guide Pin (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-16H 2 16L Intake Reed Guide Pin (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-16L 4 17H Valve Plate Gasket (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-17H 1 17L Valve Plate Gasket (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-17L 2 18 Cylinder Stud Bolt CC-90-18 12 19 Cylinder/Flywheel Washer CC-90-19 12 20H Cylinder 65 CM (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-20H 1 20L Cylinder 90 CM (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-20L 2 21H Cylinder-Crankcase Gasket (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-21H 1 21L Cylinder-Crankcase Gasket (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-21L 2 22H Compressor Ring 65 CM (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-22H 2 22L Compressor Ring 90 CM (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-22L 4 23H Oil Ring 65 CM (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-23H 1 23L Oil Ring 90 CM (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-23L 2 24H Snap Ring 65 CM (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-24H 2 24L Snap Ring 90 CM (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-24L 4 25H Piston 65 CM (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-25H 1 25L Piston 90 CM (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-25L 2 26H Piston Pin 65 CM (High Pressure Cyl.)鑱? CC-90-26H 1 26L Piston Pin 90 CM (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-26L 2 27H Connecting Rod (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-27H 1 27L Connecting Rod (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-27L 2 28L Connecting Rod Splasher CC-90-28L 1 29L Splasher Washer CC-90-29L 1 30L Splasher Screw CC-90-30L 1 31 Flywheel Bolt CC-90-31 1 32 Flywheel Washer CC-90-32 1 33 Flywheel CC-90-33 1 34 Oil Breather CC-90-34 1 35 Crankcase Cover CC-90-35 1 36 Crankcase Cover Gasket CC-90-36 1 37 Oil Seal CC-90-37 1 38 Front Bearing CC-90-38 1 39 Crankshaft CC-90-39 1 40 Oil Fill Cap CC-90-40 1 41 Oil Fill Cap O-Ring CC-90-41 1 42 Crankcase CC-90-42 1 43 Rear Bearing CC-90-43 1 44 Crankcase Cover Bolt CC-90-44 4 45 Crankcase Cover Washer CC-90-45 4 46 Oil Sight Glass O-Ring CC-90-46 1 47 Oil Sight Glass CC-90-47 1 48 Oil Sight Glass Screw CC-90-48 4 49 Flywheel Key CC-90-49 1 50 After Cooler CC-90-50 1 51 Safety Valve 20 PSI CC-90-51 1 52 Elbow Connector w/ Gasket CC-90-52 1 53 Cylinder Bolt Nut CC-90-53 12 54H Valve Repair Kit (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-54H 54L Valve Repair Kit (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-54L 55H Ring Repair Kit 65 CM (High Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-55H 55L Ring Repair Kit 90 CM (Low Pressure Cyl.) CC-90-55L
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